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The British Pronunciation Programme (Elliott Giles)

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700 рублей

Here's what you'll be learning:

  • Evaluation of your current accent (find out what needs to be improved)
  • How the Mouth Works
  • Stress & Intonation
  • Learn Exactly How to Pronounce Every British Sound
  • Comparing Similar & Difficult Sounds
  • Connected Speech & Accent Tips (Glottal /t/ , Dark /l/ etc.)
  • Phrasal Verbs, Idioms and Native Expressions

Detailed Video Lessons
60+ Full-length (ranging from 25 - 50 minutes) video lessons, in which you will learn everything you need in order to improve your British speaking and pronunciation, as well as listening skills.

Elliott Giles - Pronunciation / Accent Coach and Owner of ETJ English

1. Introduction
2. Stress and Intonation
3. Introduction to Vowels, SCHWA and Stress
4. Vowels
5. Diphthongs
6. Consonants
7. Consonant Clusters
8. Connected Speech
9. Listening Practice
10. Congratulations